Saturday, 28 September 2013

NeWsPaPeR bUnTiNg TuToRiAl...

 I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and saw some mini bunting made out of newspaper, it was all one shape and wasn't particularly colourful but it did look pretty, so I decided to adapt it and do my own take on it! 

All you really need is some newspaper, glue, scissors, string, and if you wish to decorate coloured pens or pencils!

You literally cut out shapes that can be folded over!

Set your string out and glue one side of the shape and fold the other over the top of the string.

Carry on doing that and soon you have a long line of them.

After that if you wish you can decorate them with coloured pens or pencils!

Voila, newspaper bunting (probably was no need fro me to explain any of that as its easy just to work it.

Have a nice day!!! XOXOXOXOX

Thursday, 26 September 2013

28 RaNdOm ThInGs AbOuT mE...

1. I'm British!
2. I know Spanish, French, Latin, German (and obviously English!)

3.My favourite word is Guacamole but I hate the actual thing itself!
4.I took Resistant Materials(wood tech) as a GCSE and am absolutely awful at it (but heyho it's the most fun one)!

5.I cried in yr 3 because my bro was moving up to the next school and didn't want him to go!

6.I swim, play netball and do life guarding!

7.I did Archery for 3 yrs and gave up because I was rubbish at it!

 8.I prefer the winter and autumn because you can be all cosy and warm!

9.I never sing not even when there's no one about or even in the shower!

10.My favourite place is Walberswick near Southwold (so many memories)!
11.I want to have a YouTube channel and make videos but i don't have enough time :(!

Amy and Me
12.My best friend went to America for 3 yrs and then came back :D!

13.To my friends I'm called Mash potato!

14.I love baking!

16.My favourite three films are The Leap Year, Water for Elephants and Wild Child (you cannot love that film must have watched it 2 billion times)!(ok i exaggerated that a bit)
17.I hate all fish (except fish fingers because there processed I find there not like actual fish!

18.I have one brother called Tom!

19.I was born on April the 28th (ages till my birthday:()
1999 making me 14!

20.I like my own company don't get me wrong I do enjoy socialising too (I'm not that antisocial I don't think)!

21.I LOVE food (who doesn't)!

22.Me and my friends have cake week at school so each week someone will bring in cake (what can I say, sad, but ^ I love my food)!

23.I think my favourite colour is Blue!

Stefanie and I

24.My friend Stefanie is my partner in randomness!
25.I played the tenor horn (basically a smaller tuba) with my friend Alice for 7 yrs (I never practised except for the night before and the teacher used to tell us the most bizarre stuff it was more like counselling  we hardly did any playing!

26.I have blue eyes but a spec of brown in one of them!

27.I actually love the weather in England,I mean you get sunny and hotish weather in summer, and then Snow in the winter, the best of both worlds!

28. I love Marmite (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Hope you liked xoxoxooxox

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My FiRsT eVeR bLoG pOsT...

Hi everybody,

I have just started this blog (as you can probably see because this is my first post), I guess it will be about life, stuff and random things, I like my art and making things I also blabber along a bit (according to my friends they just nod and yeah when I go off(Alice you know who you are))!

This best describes me!

One I really hate English and fiction things and I hate all the book analizing ('they chose this colour because they wanted it to be sad', or maybe they just decided to chose blue cause they like the colour) anyway so yeah I'm not sure how this will go but yeah!

A piece of art homework which I really like and whant to get a print of but need to work out how to do that!

I wanted to start a YouTube channel but with the editing I decide as I'm still at school and am really busy I wouldn't have the time at the moment, but I'm sure one day I will try.

I guess why would anybody want to read me ramble about stuff! I don't know and I guess there's not really anyone who would! (In that case I am writing to myself at this moment and will be for ever after) but hey if there is anyone out there i will try not to make it too random but please carry on reading these I'm sure at one point I will make one of you laugh (someone's like: yeah right)

So yeah hope you've had a nice day or are having one and more laughs an randomness is coming. :D XOXOXOXOX