Sunday, 17 November 2013

My OnCe A wEeK sKiN cArE rOuTiNe...

Once every week I do a big skin washy thing, in the week I stick to wash or a cleanse, but I like to do a big wash one on a Sunday! 

Liz Earle - Hot cloth Cleaner 100ml - £14.75
Simple - Face wash 50ml - £1.32
St Ives - Apricot face scrub 150ml - £4.29
Boots - Teatree & Witchhazel - Foaming face wash 150ml -  £3.59
Simple - Moisturising face wash 50ml - £ 1.28
Liz Earle - Instant boost skin tonic 200ml - £13.25
Liz Earle - Mouisturiser 50ml - £19.25

Lush - Pow Wow Lip scrub - £5.50
Pow Wow is no longer avalible but there are others!

Carmex - Lip balm - £2.89
I guarentee you will hate this when you first get it but soon after it's ok and really moisturises your lips.
I hope you liked and yes I do know I use 3 face washes but it does make my skin super soft!
Have a nice day!

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